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Tammy • Brunette • Tall • Slender • Mid 20s • Size: 8 • Bust: C • Eyes: hazel • Australian •

That’s right, Tammy is BACK! If you like tall, leggy brunettes then Tammy is someone you have to meet. This babe is very tall with a slender, model-like figure and a stunning face.

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I seen Tammy a couple of years ago & she was awesome


Tammy is friendly and passionate lady. Had a great time with her. I am sure i will go see her again. 10/10.


Had the pleasure of having an amazing time with Tammy. Every time I meet her it gets better & better.


I'm surprised Tammy doesn't have more reviews....As someone who struggles with severe anxiety (and has had a fair number of experiences at various establishments in my 51 years... good, bad, and ugly), visiting establishments is a nervewracking endeavour at the best of times but Tammy is like no other. The sublime warmth she demonstrated from the get-go not only contained my nerves but overthrew every ounce of my discomfort entirely. Yes Tammy's beauty (and height- wowzer) is breathtaking, her service goes above and beyond, and her compassionate ability to make one feel completely at ease is otherworldly....for all of the above, she deserves only the highest commendation.


Wow what a lady absolutely beautiful and sensual. I had an absolutely amazing time with Tammy last week while visiting Melbourne

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