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Employment Opportunity
…Curious about the Legal Sex Industry.


If you are interested in working with us, we have a Fun and exciting opportunity within our Multi Award Winning, Professional and First Class Establishment.

We have a position currently available for a Reception Manager.

When you join the Boardroom Team you will be an ambassador of our company’s first impressions on the guests and visitors.

The Boardroom is very fortunate that we have a strong reputation with in the industry as a reliable, trustworthy and professional organization. For over 20 years our staff, service providers and suppliers have helped to make us one of the most prominent and successful establishments in Australia. We have received numerous Industry Awards over the years for our services.

We have also received many various delegations from local and overseas authorities to tour and see the successful running of a business within the Legal Component of the Industry. As well as consulting on Television shows about the Brothel/Sex Industry.
We are also very proud to be one of the Founding Members of the
Australian Adult Industry Association and also a proud member of the EROS Association Australia.

The Boardroom has strived to provide everybody with a very safe and secure environment. Training for those who needed it, Flexible schedules, and an opportunity to earn an amazing income. We take our standing in the industry very seriously and want to provide a level of excellence both unmatched and one that is envied by many other establishments.

For those of you seeking more information about us or have any questions please feel free to contact us on +61 3 9699 1711 or email    [email protected]

Due to the Ridiculous State laws that govern our industry we are prohibited from advertising for service providers. Therefore if you are interested in more information please contact us, either on (03) 9699 1711 or email [email protected]

Footnote: Victorian Government has amended the Legislation re Advertising for Ancillary staff as of August 2014. It took nearly 20 years for some common sense to prevail in our industry and allow us to advertise for staff. These positions are essential in the running of a successful business. We can only hope that there are more changes in the wind to overturn the big brother rules governing our industry.

Information on Licensing can be found here at