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I want to book a lady for outcall but there are limited pictures!! So how can i choose! Thx

For Privacy and Safety reasons some of the ladies don’t want to show their faces or bodies. For them, we use a generic photo that best represents the description of the lady.
For the ladies that provide us with their own actual photos we clearly mark them as VERIFIED PHOTOS, once they have been verified by us.
As to selecting a lady for outcall please call on +61 3 96991711 and speak to one of our reception staff who will be only to happy to help you. Or if you can,visit us, as we have so many ladies why not come in and select you own lady to either take back or visit you at your allotted time. Whilst it requires a visit many of our clients prefer this as it gives the opportunity to view all available at the time and helps make sure you get the lady you want.

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